Thursday, February 20, 2014

Who is ready for Business Tuesdays?

It seems lately that entrepreneurs are getting more awareness on television. We have the multi million entrepreneurs looking into helping people that want to help their businesses grow. They have learned lessons about growing a business. The two television shows(and there may be more out there), but the two that I am going to refer to are Shark Tank and The Profit. They are now both playing on CNBC on Tuesday nights.
Watching my first episode, typically if it is a family business, there are often times either a risk taker and non risk taker. There will be one or none that look at the numbers before making a major decision. The numbers play an important role in determining future projects.Shark Tank offers people the opportunity to pitch there business in front of potential investors. Before you go on that show, study the sharks, know your business and financials. The Profit, give business owners, opportunity to see what may happen when someone invests in your company and may run it for week.
While no entrepreneur can do it all by themselves, they must look to advisers, like the Small Business Development Centers, to assist in finding the right people to help grow there business. Do not try running a business by yourself because there are not enough hours in a day/week/month/year. It is important for you to identify where your strengths and weaknesses. Lets plan for Success in 2014!
Since I only watched one episode of The Profit, is there an episode that you enjoyed and what did you learn from that episode?